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You have places to go.

Family outings. Special occasions. Shopping. Doctor and dentist appointments. Hospitals visits. Long-distance travel. We get you there and back. If you have a medical appointment, we help you check in, wait during your appointment and take you safely home. If you’re traveling to or from the airport, we assist with luggage and equipment.

Your safety and comfort are our top priority.

We have 2 ADA Vans which can accommodate one wheelchair passenger and up to three additional people. We welcome all caregivers and family members. In this Land of Mañana – we are on time and will get you to your appointments in a timely fashion. Our drivers are background checked and insured. We’re knowledgeable and always good for a laugh!

Cathy Stoia

Managing Director

Cathy grew up in Brooklyn, NY, in the same house her mother was born in. Her grandparents continued to live in that house, therefore preparing her for the trials and tribulations of aging.

She was a Production Coordinator in the film industries in both NYC and LA. Moving from NYC to Los Angeles in 1991, where she and Chris raised their kids and continued to work. This job honed her skills in communication, organization, research and problem solving.

She applies those skills in whatever she takes on.

Cathy became versed in dealing with both dementia and Alzheimers care. Both her Mom and Grandma suffered with those debilitating diseases. Her Dad, later on, suffered with who dementia and Cathy’s goal was to assure that he lived his life to the fullest.

Corazon was born.

Chris Stoia


Chris grew up in Montclair, NJ. Following in his mother’s footsteps, he was drawn into the Film Business in NYC. Chris worked his way up from the job as a Production Assistant to Location Manager. He then joined the Directors Guild. It was then a natural step to become an Assistant Director.

What did this experience do? It trained Chris to deal with all types of personalities. He is patient and compassionate in what could become a stressful and demanding situation. This demeanor came naturally to Chris. He is highly organized, and he communicates with knowledge and kindness. He is always punctual.

As he learned when working in the film business, “if you are early – you’re on time”, “if you are on time you are late”, and “if you are late”…you are fired!

Chris also grew up with a strong sense of family. As happens to all of us, he experienced his parents aging. His Dad passed a few years ago but his Mom is 97 and doing well. This experience instilled in him the importance of their dignity and happiness in their later years.

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